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Louis Allen Worldwide has developed and delivered assessment surveys for more than 400 clients around the world. We have 15 standard surveys Our norm bases provide robust comparisons



A summary of the broad areas of Training & Development currently undertaken by Louis Allen International is represented by the Category Map below, built around Louis Allen's proprietary.



Consulting to us very clearly encompasses implementation. Implementation means working with our clients to get the bottom-line result they want.


We live in a borderless world. The two sides of the globalization coin see both companies from overseas setting up shop in the region, as well as organizations within the home country articulating global ambitions - to expand their footprint abroad. The net result is that now like never before, there are a variety of alternatives for customers to choose from.
This applies across markets and domains - whether it is consumers having purchase choices like never before, or organizations being able to shop around in a larger arena for ancillary products and services. This abundance of options characterizes the global marketplace of our global village.

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