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Louis Allen Worldwide has developed and delivered assessment surveys for more than 400 clients around the world. We have 15 standard surveys and 2,000 items from which you can construct your own survey. Our norm bases provide robust comparisons. Our survey support is global, so we can provide surveys in any language that appropriately reflects cultural differences. Beyond surveys, we offer a complete range of assessment services with the right level of consulting support that will meet your requirements.


A summary of the broad areas of Training & Development currently undertaken by Louis Allen International is represented by the Category Map below, built around Louis Allen’s proprietary Allen Management System.

Intervention Categories

All Louis Allen International interventions are built around Louis Allen’s proprietary Allen Management System, which is represented by Allen Management Systems Wheel.

However that these merely give a broad framework of what will get addressed. Any intervention that we undertake will be customized to meet the specific objectives, priorities and needs of the client.

Consulting & Coaching

Consulting to us very clearly encompassses implementation. Implementation means working with out clients to get the bottom-line result they want. Our focus is management execution.

We work with our clients to develop the management practices and processes that result in consisten execution and generate the desired bottom-line results.

Our consulting services can be used on their own or in conjunction with our other services, depending on what the client requires. Consulting to us is more that giving advice, it is about getting results.